What's in My Bag? The Gym Edition.

In this article, we share some essential gym bag items for the modern fitness enthusiast. From skincare to practical gear, learn how to streamline your routine for both health and confidence.

6 Shaving Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
6 Shaving Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

As we move away from winter and into spring, you might be thinking about ditching the facial hair and letting your chin see the light of day again. Even if you’ve always preferred the clean-shaven look, are you definitely doing it right? Check out our top 6 shaving mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Accessories for the Perfect Shave
Accessories for the Perfect Shave

From razors, creams, oils, gels and those little extras to make what can be a daily chore something that actually quite enjoyable. That’s just one of the reasons why Bulldog is man’s best friend.

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5 Things Your Hands Encounter That Mean You Need Hand Cream

Hands are the most used and exposed part of our body. Unfortunately, they’re often the most neglected! Luckily, here at Bulldog, we have a good hand cream for men and have 5 strong reasons why you need it.

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10 Easy Peasy Sustainable Swaps
The Importance of Using Aftershave for Protecting Your Skin
The Importance of Using Aftershave for Protecting Your Skin

Aftershave is more important to your skincare routine than you might think, offering hydration and protection. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the questions we often get asked about aftershave, from why you need it to finding the best one for your skin.

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How to Choose the Right Shaving Gel

A good shaving gel can make all the difference to your grooming routine. While some men choose to keep things simple with soap and water, using a shaving gel can help make your daily shave smoother and cleaner. This, in turn, helps your skin and reduces the chance of irritation or even flakiness.

Eye Roll-On
Eye Roll-On: Dark Evenings Don’t Need to Mean Dark Circles

Eye roll-ons are one of the best ways to mitigate those dark patches as well as leaving the skin under the eyes feeling fresher. Let’s look at some of the key questions we get asked about eye-roll on and how it can help you look and feel a little brighter this winter.

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Are You Using Emulsion? You Should Be!

No, we’re not talking about paint, we’re talking about your skin. An emulsion is like a light version of a moisturiser, with skin-boosting properties aimed at increasing the overall level of moisture in your skin without weighing it down. Let’s dive into the world of emulsion, and how it can help men get softer and more nourished skin.

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Finding the Right Products for Your Skin Type

Happy, healthy, bright skin doesn’t happen overnight, but investing products that have been designed for the unique challenges faced by your skin is the best way to give it a new lease on life. Here, we’re going to look at what makes a great face wash for sensitive, dry, and combination skin.

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Shampoo vs Shower Gel: Why is It Better for My Hair?

Shampoos & shower gels are two of the most popular personal care products. Shampoos, as we know, are specifically formulated for the hair and scalp whereas shower gels are intended primarily for the body. So, what’s the difference and how should you choose?

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How to Choose the Right Deodorant

Deodorants have changed a lot over the years and in 2020 we aim to change the game once again with our new range of natural deodorants. With 98% natural ingredients and 24-hour protection, we’ve got your underarms covered, but we’ve also answered a few key questions about choosing the right deodorant below so you can make an informed choice.