How to Take on a Sudden Outbreak

Alongside your shrill alarm clock and the sound of the binmen at the crack of dawn, waking up to a sudden outbreak of spots is one of the least appealing ways to start your day. As soon as they start rearing their ugly red, black, and white heads, you want to whip out the face scrub and rub them away.

Of course, there are no quick fixes as your skin has a mind of its own, but there are ways you can combat an outbreak as well as steps to take to reduce the chances of it happening again.

Wash Your Face Properly

It might seem obvious, but the best way to combat your outbreak and lessen the chances of more spots occurring is to ensure you’re washing your face properly. This means more than a quick splash of water in the morning; you need to think about really getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Man washing face

Get a face scrub in your bathroom cupboard and make sure you use it. Face scrubs help to remove dead and dry skin, which will help get rid of the nasty build up of stuff that causes your spots in the first place. If you use it regularly, it will deeply cleanse the face, leaving it feeling clean and smooth.

Use Products Designed for Oily Skin

Oily skin in men is caused by a build up of sebum, which itself is controlled by androgens (male hormones) like testosterone. Of course, men have more of these androgens than women, which means men are more prone to oily skin breakouts.


When people talk about how to use face scrubs for oily skin, the first things they think about are the ingredients. Our Oil Control Face Scrub contains witch hazel, juniper and willow bark. It’s best to use products with astringent qualities that help remove dirt and minimise excess oil. We’ve also added a dose of black charcoal to exfoliate the skin.

Don’t Forget to Moisturise

Even when you’ve got a breakout caused by oily skin, it doesn’t mean you should stop hydrating your face. You need to keep in this moisture because, without it, your skin will become dry and your body will produce more sebum to combat it, therefore making your face more oily as a result.

Man applying cream

It sounds counterintuitive but moisturising your skin will actually make it less oily! What moisturiser to use on oily skin, however, requires a bit of thought. You’ll want to find one that is designed for men. Our Oil Control Moisturiser is specially formulated to provide lightweight hydration whilst giving a mattified (i.e. less shinny) finish.

Don’t Squeeze Your Spots

This one is tough because it can be very tempting to squeeze your spots to get rid of the gross stuff inside, but you should avoid it at all costs. Not only will squeezing spots increase the potential for acne scars, you’ll also be spreading the bacteria around your face, and it might even cause an infection – not good.

Man touching face

Also, you run the risk of your face becoming inflamed and blocking surrounding pores, which will make your skin situation a whole lot worse. This can also be caused by repetitive touching of the area, so keep your hands away from your face. You likely come into contact with a whole bunch of bacteria throughout the day, most of it isn’t dangerous at all, but some of these impurities can end up blocking pores and causing even more spots.

Toner is Your Friend

When it comes to finding out which toner is good for oily skin, think of something that covers all bases. We have an awesome Multi-Action Toner that works for male skin. Our quick-absorbing formula cleanses the skin, giving it that fresh-faced feeling, without drying you out.

Multi Action Toner

Our toner gently removes grease and oil from your skin as it unclogs your pores. Most men will only need to use a toner once or twice a week, but you’ll find it also help during a sudden outbreak due to its cleansing abilities.

Although we can’t stop the binmen from rocking up at stupid o’clock, and we certainly have no control over your alarm clock (sorry), we can definitely help you work out those spots from your skin, so you can put your best face forward every day.