My Beard Care: Tips for Achieving the Perfect Beard

Give the Appearance of Growing a Thicker Beard

Have you been trying and trying to grow a thicker beard without success? There are some tips that can help your beard to appear thicker, but for better or worse, how thick your beard grows in is mostly down to genetics. 

If you’ve been struggling with growing in your beard, be patient. Growing a nice, thick beard takes some time so don’t expect results overnight. During the early stages of growth, use a stubble moisturiser to help encourage a soft beard and to keep it from getting too scratchy.

Bearded man looking to sea

Let’s say you’ve been growing a beard for a little while, but aren’t completely satisfied with its thickness. Take your fingers or a beard comb and manually fluff your beard. Be careful of getting to the point where it looks too big or cartoonish, but this alone can help your beard look thicker.

While it can be tempting, don’t play with or pull on your beard too much, as this can cause beard hair loss, which is the exact opposite of what you want when trying to grow a thicker beard.

Find the Right Length

Just like your haircut, your beard should be shaped to your face to get the best possible look. Finding the right beard shape and length for your face will make both you and your beard look even better. Here’s a quick guide to beard length, and how it can enhance your style. 

Side profile of bearded man

Stubble is a good, slimming option for larger, rounder faces. A short beard is ideal for men that have even growth all the way around, as patchy areas are more visible with a short beard. A more tailored look (about 1cm in length all around) is neat, even, and clean, and can make a rounder face look slimmer. A longer beard (letting it grow about 2-3 months) can elongate the face and emphasize good facial proportions. And finally, try out a full, long beard if you want to make a statement with your facial hair.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your facial hair. Try different styles and lengths before settling on one that you really like. You may just find that the most unexpected style is the one that suits you best.

Beard Maintenance

No matter what style or length you decide on, the surest way to the perfect beard is proper maintenance. 

Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs regular washing, especially when it’s growing, as trapped, dead skin cells can make your face a little itchy. Wash your beard a few times a week with our beard shampoo and conditioner for a clean, healthy beard. 

Long or thick beards should also be brushed with a beard brush or wooden comb. Plastic combs can make your beard more staticky, so go for a nice, wooden comb. Comb your beard hair against the grain when trimming to see uneven spots and flyaways more easily, and comb with the grain when styling.Bearded man looking to sea

Split ends can also be an issue and can make your beard look rougher than it actually is. Use our beard oil to tame those split ends in between trims. Regular use of beard oil will also help eliminate dryness and dandruff, will make your beard look more voluminous, will help condition your beard hair, and make the hairs look shinier and healthier.

Proper beard care isn’t complete without some beard balm, which is perfect for styling, as well as for skincare under the beard. Our beard balm softens and moisturises the beard, and does the same for the skin underneath. Just because a beard is covering your face doesn’t mean that the skin doesn’t need some TLC as well.