How to Treat Oily Skin Without Drying It Out

Do you feel like your face is outshining your sensational personality at the moment? Do you have crater like pores? Blemishes feel too at home on the end of your nose? If you nodded yes to any of the above, it’s likely that you have oily skin. Don’t worry though my friend, we’re in the same boat.

In fact, oily skin is extremely common for men as testosterone triggers the sebaceous glands (a gland in the skin which secretes oil) to produce sebum (the oily matter that lubricates your skin). So, the more testosterone you have, the more likely you are to have oily skin.

We assume you’ve often looked for an oily skin treatment for men. Don’t fall in to the trap of drying your skin out with astringent (alcohol based product) potions. These only exacerbate the issue by sending your sebaceous glands in to over drive to over compensate. When it comes to oil control for men, opt for formulations that are hydrating yet still mattifying. Let us guide you to complexion perfection.

Man splashing face with water

Without sounding too obvious, you should wash your face morning and night. Cleansing is the cornerstone to all skincare regimes and especially in oily skin treatment for men. Use a mild facial wash without alcohol. These tend to dry skin out and leave you with a tight feeling after use. Our Oil Control Face Wash will remove excess oil and deeply cleanse.

If you are breaking out, we recommend that you replace your evening face wash with a scrub twice a week. Exfoliating your skin helps unblock pores and removes dead skin cells.

Embrace a Mask

One of the top men’s skincare products on Instagram at the moment is the humble face mask. Our personal choice is to use this in the evening as we’re too busy snoozing to spare extra time in the mornings!

Clay masks in particular are great for oily skin as they mop up excess grease. Use a mask once a week after cleansing with a face wash, apply it all over your skin and leave it there for 5-10 minutes.

Clean shaven man

Once you wash it off, you should immediately see and feel the difference. Now, just try to remember to incorporate it into your skincare regime just once a week and you’ll notice a fresher feeling face in no time.

Our Oil Control Face Mask is specially formulated to battle oily skin, containing witch hazel and willow bark. We also use a blend of three natural clays so your face is getting just what it needs to remove the oil and keep things looking and feeling good all day long.

Face Up! Toothpaste is For Your Teeth Not Your Face 

Close up of male faceWe know that you are more likely to be blemish prone when you have oily skin but don’t put toothpaste/ vinegar/ aspirin on it! They are not designed to be put on the skin so don’t irritate it further by doing so.

Use a spot treatment with AHAs to help reduce spot size and redness. Our Oil Control Blemish Targeter contains a blend of AHAs (glycolic and lactic) and witch hazel.

An FYI- AHAs are amazing chemical exfoliants. They stand for Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which work on the surface of the skin to dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells so that they can easily be removed.

Oily Skin Dos and Don’ts

  • Do wash your face twice a day

  • Do use a hydrating moisturiser

  • Do use an exfoliating face scrub

  • Don’t use alcohol-based products

  • Don’t treat your skin roughly or try to strip it of its natural oil (it will only produce more)

  • Don’t stop using a moisturiser