New Year, New Beard?

With a new year comes a new chance to update your style and try something new on the fashion front. Beards have become a popular choice to men looking to change up their look without having to conform to something long term. Versatile and fashionable, a beard can bring something distinct to your overall style whilst being cheap to maintain and easy to adapt.

Let’s look at some of the key questions we get asked about growing a beard as well as the best products to help your facial fuzz look its best.

How do I grow a beard?

If you’re used to shaving, the first step is obviously to stop! It can be quite daunting letting your clean-shaven face grow into stubble and beyond, but be patient and allow the hair to grow as long as you need to start styling. If you currently have a goatee or moustache, start shaving regularly so that all your facial hair starts to grow evenly before you think about styling it.

Bearded man

It’s a good idea to have a particular beard style in mind before you start growing out your hair as this can help you define the length you need to get to in order to achieve your ideal style. There are tons of styles out there, but try and opt for one that suits your face shape rather than the latest trend. For example, guys with longer faces might want to stay away from a longer beard in favour of one that grows out rather than down. On the other hand, if you have a square jaw, you can elongate the face with a longer beard.

What is beard grooming?

Essentially, beard grooming refers to the maintenance of your beard. This can mean trimming and styling, conditioning, moisiturising and some general TLC for your face. You might think that you can stop shaving and just let your facial hair do its thing, but that might lead to something a little less stylish and a little more caveman.

Smiling bearded man

If you’re aiming for a certain style or shape, it wont get their on it’s own, you may need to investigate Beard grooming as an necessary part of maintaining the look you want.Be ready to invest a little bit of time an effort into your style – but don’t worry, it’s not that hard, just a few extra minutes every couple of days should be enough.

How do you groom a beard properly?

Start your grooming routine by ensuring you’ve got the tools you need at your disposal. A lot of this depends on your ideal beard style. For example, if you want a long beard, you’ll probably want to invest in a beard comb and scissors or trimmer so you can keep it looking sleek.

There are definitely some key products to add to your bathroom cupboard – beard shampoo and conditioner, beard balm, beard oil, and a wooden beard comb.

Some handy tips to remember include:

  • Trim/shave in the direction of growth
  • Shave your neckline at around one inch under the jaw
  • Use products that have been specifically designed for beards (e.g., beard shampoo instead of standard soap)
  • Don’t forget to moisturise the skin beneath your beard with a quality beard balm, this will reduce flakes and itchiness.

How do you groom a short beard?

Shorter beards often leave less room for error as they need to be kept in shape to avoid looking messy. However, a short beard can really add definition to your face so it’s a popular choice for guys who want to make a style statement. We would recommend using a trimmer to shape the neckline and cheeks, then use a comb to brush the hair out before trimming with scissors.

Then, use a beard balm to soften the hairs and make the whole beard look and feel sleek and hydrated. Don’t forget to keep things as symmetrical as possible and trim every couple of days to maintain the look.

What is the best beard product?

When it comes to finding the right beard products, you need to be prepared to invest into a few key things. A beard balm, like our Original Beard Balm, is designed to give your hair and the skin beneath the hydration they need. Our beard balm absorbs quickly so you don’t end up with a sticky face, and it’s chock full of great ingredients like camelina oil and green tea.

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Another particularly good product for men with longer beards is beard oil. It’s designed to tame unruly facial hair, keeping it in shape without being greasy. Our Original Beard Oil contains aloe vera, which is a well known source of hydration.

Check out our beard grooming products and order today to get your 2020 beard looking its best.