New Year, New Product: The Toner Low Down

Well, we’re almost a whole month into the new year already. We hope your new years’ intentions are working out for you but if you still haven’t quite decided what to embrace this year, we have a recommendation: toner.

You might have seen the women in your life applying a toner with a cotton wool pad, relishing the signs of wiping away the excess oil and daily residue that are removed from their skin. Some men might think that all comes down to how much make up they have on but, trust us, you probably have just as much on your face as well. From air pollution, small dust and dirt particles and the natural congestion of your skin, you probably don’t realise just how much stays on your face imperceptibly.

Lets’ take a look at what toner really does and why it benefits men.

What Does Face Toner Do?

Skin toner for men is a great way to remove the build-up of the day, whatever and wherever your life takes you. The benefit of toner for oily skin in particular with that it works by creating a happy equilibrium when it comes to the oils in your skin, helping you to keep the stuff you need and remove the stuff you don’t.

Toner should be used as part of the three-step skincare regime: cleansing, toning, and moisturising. Its general purpose is to reduce excess oil and balance out all the natural elements of your skin.

Do You Need to Use Toner?

Some guys are a bit reluctant to add toner to their routine simply because they aren’t sure if it’s suited to their specific skin type. If you’re not sure, think about the most regular complaints you have about your skin. Does it feel oily? Do you have dry patches? Do you find some products trigger these issues?

Man applying toner

If you have oily skin, you can still use a toner to get rid of the excess in order to leave your face feeling clean and ready to face the day. Our Multi-Action Toner works by absorbing quickly into the skin and is non-drying and non-sticky. This means it can most types of skin. Toner for men can also help to unclog pores and remove congestion which can lead to blemishes and other congestion; it can even help soothe your face after shaving.

How to Apply Toner to Your Face

If you are uninitiated into the world of male skincare, you likely struggle to find not just the right products but the right amount to use. It can be easy to over-saturate the skin with all sorts of lotions and potions, leaving you with a build up that can do more harm than good. 

Multi-Action Toner

Your routine can be as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Start off with a face wash that is designed for your skin type. We stock an Oil Control Face Wash and Sensitive Face Wash, which will prep your skin for the next couple of steps
  2. This is where your toner comes in – apply after shaving and/or cleansing skin. Splash onto dry skin or apply with a cotton pad.
  3. Now it’s time to moisturise. Again, choose a moisturiser that works with your skin rather than against it. Choose a product you know has been created with thought and care and is specially formulated for male skin.

When it comes to working out how often you should use toner of your face, take a look at the suggestion on the bottle. We recommend using toner once every couple of days at first, then move to once a day once you’re confident in your skincare regime. It’s easy to find the right mix of steps for you. 

No two men are the same and neither is their skin. We know how hard it can be to trust adverts for numerous brands all promising you perfect skin. That’s why we aim to take away the confusion with a multi-action toner that contains vitamin E, glycerine and elderberry extract so you can just put it on and get going, knowing that the Bulldog whizzes have got you covered.