Top Life Hacks of the Well-Groomed Man

We all want to look good and we want to put as little effort in to this as possible. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few grooming hacks for men that will prove to be useful for all occasions. Life just got a little easier!

Shaving Hacks

We all know that we should shave with the grain and use a moisturiser or aftershave balm to calm the skin post shave but here are some useful life hacks so you can ensure you have a stress-free shaving experience.

1. Shower or wash your face with warm water before you shave as this will soften facial hair. If you suffer from ingrown hairs we thoroughly recommend that you use a face scrub pre-shave to help remove dead skin cells and bring hairs up to the skin surface.

2. After washing, pat your skin semi-dry and shave before the skin has a chance to fully dry with a shave cream. This will give you a smoother shave and decrease your chances of post-shave irritation.

3. If you do get a nick, smear some lip balm over the wound. The waxy texture helps to create a seal.

We know that all men have their own shaving preferences and requirements. So whether you’re looking for a straight razor shaving cream, a transparent gel to trim a goatee or extra lubrication for sensitive skin, our shave range’s got you covered.

Banish Bad Smells

Shower daily and after the gym too. Revolutionary! Of course, we’re kidding. In addition to basic hygiene there are a few tips we want to share with you so that you can smell like a God at all times.

1. Gym bags have a hard life carrying all our damp post work out pieces, so give your bag a treat by throwing an unused bar of soap in it to keep sweaty clothes from adding a permanent pong to it.

2. Never leave a wet kit in your gym bag. The sweat and dampness causes bacteria to grow which leads to that gym aroma hanging around for longer than desirable.

Finer Details

If you’re looking for the best deodorant for men then using a daily roll on is a great place to start. Our Original Deodorant is aluminium free and perfect for the gym bag and bathroom shelf.

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. We recommend that you share these real life hacks as they’re so smart they’ll make you look good!

1. Before going “out out” you focus on brushing your teeth and gargling your favourite mouth wash but sometimes the lips are overlooked. Rub a toothbrush over your lips to remove unwanted dead skin and say hello to your smooth pout.

2. Swipe deodorant over the back and sides of a foot before slipping in to new shoes. This will help prevent friction which lead to painful and unsightly blisters.

Do you have any grooming hacks that have made life a little easier? Tweet them to us @bulldogskincare