Traditional vs Modern Shaving Techniques

Men’s Traditional Shaving Kit

Our fathers and grandfathers pioneered the wet shave but they didn’t have the choice that we do these days

A traditional wet shave would have been the way they were taught by their fathers and their fathers before them. It’s probably the way you watched your dad shave in the mirror when you were a kid too.

Although a lot of men now favour the speed and simplicity of an electric razor, it’s not the best technique to use if you’re going for one of the  more intricate beard or moustache styles that have seen popularity in recent years.

Old fashioned shaving accessories

A traditional wet shave is done with some sort of lubricant and water. It would have originally been done with a single blade razor. The reason it was and still is popular is the closeness of the shave you can achieve.

A men’s traditional shaving kit would have included:

  • A shave brush & bowl
  • A single blade razor
  • A tub of lubricating goo

The old adage is that wet shaving is time consuming and tricky for those lacking in practice . However, with the right razor and the best products, all these issues disappear.

Modern Men’s Shaving Kit

Why is the wet shave getting more popular when an electric razor does the job much quicker? Well, it’s a matter of technique and a little but of luxury.

So it might be simpler to just grab your electric razor in the morning and give your face the once over before you head out – but this is your face we’re talking about, your first impression on the world. Doesn’t it deserve a bit more care?

Man touching face

Traditionally, the men in our family would probably not have considered shaving a luxury or an art form because it was more of a daily chore. They had no other options but a straight razor wet shave. Now, however, there is something of a renaissance going on in the male grooming world. Men are embracing better self-care and therefore putting a little bit more love into their daily routine. 

The modern male shaving kit has changed a lot. It’s not just the male mentality that has adapted with the times, so have the razors themselves. Blade quality has drastically improved, being made from metal that doesn’t rust as easily and is also cheaper to replace regularly.

Our Original Bamboo Razor is the best of both worlds with 5 tempered steel blades, a lubricating strip with aloe, and a precision trimmer and pivoting design.

It’s not just the equipment that’s changed – so have shaving products.

Better Ingredients

One of the biggest changes to the traditional wet shave is the quality of the ingredients being used in male shaving products.

The traditional men’s shaving kit probably would have had a tub of lubricating cream or gel with no discernible benefits sitting on their bathroom counter. Although your grandad wasn’t around in 3000 BC, it’s worth noting that we have come on leaps and bounds from back then. Men in those days used a mix of animal fat and wood alkali, then in the 20th century they used a bar of hard soap to try and create a lather.

In the 70s, your dad would’ve used a shaving cream containing some pretty  old skool ingredients, some of which would later be bannered for being harmful to the ozone layer– not worth it for a quick shave!

Man shaving face

Nowadays, with the rise of male skincare and wellbeing, we recommend using a specially formulated, modern product with added natural ingredients.  Our Original Shave Oil contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea.  It’s specially formulated to give your skin some serious love as you shave, softening stubble and letting the razor glide over the skin.

Similarly, our Original After Shave Balm is designed to give your skin a finishing touch of comfort and hydration. A men’s aftershave set of yore would’ve contained alcohol which would’ve given the skin an immediate burning sensation – not ideal. Our Sensitive Aftershave Balm is made with baobab oil and willow herb, perfect for giving sensitive skin the barrier it needs after shaving.