Skincare Routines for Every Age

Men’s skincare routines contain a few golden rules that apply whatever your age (e.g. use a face wash daily) and whatever your skin type. However, there are specific products you should look out for according to your age. So if you’d like to grow old gracefully, keep reading…


Your teen years are when you typically start your men’s skincare regimen. Thanks to a surge of hormones, it’s common to suffer from break outs. Skin tends to be oilier especially around the t-zone (nose, forehead and chin). Our Oil Control range has been formulated to balance the skin instead of stripping it. Each product within the range contains witch hazel, willow bark and juniper.

1. Wash your face AM and PM with an Oil Control Face Wash which has been designed to leave your skin feeling clean and clear without drying it out too much.

2. If you have had a break out apply Oil Control Blemish Targeter directly on the area after cleansing, 82% of men in our consumer trial claimed that it calmed the skin after use.

3. Just because your skin feels oily, this doesn’t mean that you should forgo moisturiser. Use a light formula which will still hydrate the skin and mattify your complexion at the same time. Oil Control Moisturiser will do just that.


This is the crucial age to ensure your skin remains in tip-top condition, so make sure you exfoliate away dead skin cells a couple of times a week and use moisturisers with nourishing ingredients.

1. Exfoliating your skin will help to keep it looking bright (perfect after a late night) and will ensure you get a smooth shave by helping to bring ingrown hairs to the surface of the skin pre-shave. Original Face Scrub will leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed by removing dead skin cells.

2. At night time, moisturising is often missed in a men’s face care routine. It’s important to moisturise at night too as this will ensure your skin has the essential hydration it needs whilst you sleep. Original 24 hour Moisturiser can be applied morning and night and contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea.


Shave smarter at this age. In your thirties, your skin isn’t as taught and firm as it was when you were in your early twenties so don’t be aggressive with your razor. Use a good lubricant that will reduce drag and an efficacious after shave balm.

1. The Original Shave Gel has been formulated specifically to help the razor glide over the skin, delivering a smooth and close shave.

2. If you experience any sensitivities post shave use a fragrance free after shave balm like our Sensitive After Shave Balm to soothe the skin post-shave and leave it feeling moisturised.


You may have finessed a skincare routine for men at this age, but we recommend you start switching your products for ones with antioxidants made specifically for mature skin.

1. Our Age Defence Moisturiser has been proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 4 weeks of use. It contains a potent blend of antioxidants including echinacea, vitamin E and rosemary.

2. The first signs of skin ageing show around the eyes so keep the skin around there looking bright and firm. Age Defence Eye Roll On will help combat dark circles and puffiness.

Men’s Skin Care Routine – The Golden Rules

No matter your age or how sophisticated your skin routine for men, there are some habits that are always good to get in to;

1. Wash your face in the morning and evening to keep the skin clear of dirt and debris

2. Always follow with a moisturiser, day and night.

3. Don’t forget that your lifestyle choices make a massive impact on your skin and overall health. So, get enough sleep, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and stay active through exercise

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