Spring Cleaning: Starting a New Skincare Routine

When it comes to spring cleaning, you’re probably thinking of getting the bin bags and the old Henry out for a weekend of chores. Dull. We’re not about that life at Bulldog! You just need a few tweaks in your routine! Throw in a facial pore cleanser and maybe even a face mask for glowing skin, and you’ll look fresh and ready for the warmer season.


Like the thick Parka you’ve now moved to the back of your wardrobe, you need to reorganise your bathroom cupboard slightly. Move the thick formulas to the top shelf and keep your best hydrating face mask on the bottom shelf in case you have the odd dry spell. If you’re unsure of what you should be using now that temperatures pick up, read on.

Winter moisturisers have a thick consistency and are formulated to provide your skin with extra hydration as the harsh weather dries your skin out more. Depending on how oily your skin naturally is, you should switch to a lighter moisturiser.

Our Original Moisturiser is great for those with normal skin. It’s fast absorbing, non-greasy yet super hydrating. If you do have oily skin (you notice your skin gets shiny by mid-afternoon), then try out our Oil Control Moisturiser instead. It’s mattifying and moisturising at the same time.

Use our Oil Control Face Wash every evening too to help remove excess oil without stripping it.

Man splashing face


Now that you’ve nailed your daily essentials, remember that you need a few extra products to use once or twice a week so that your skin looks ultra-fresh. The correct products to use depend on your skin type.

Men with oily skin are prone to congestion and blackheads, steer away from those black PVA glue and charcoal DIY face masks to remove blackheads. They are a silly social media trend and awful for your skin! Use a scrub instead. Our Oil Control Face Scrub contains trendy charcoal as an exfoliant, as well as witch hazel willow bark and juniper. Scrubs are a great way to deeply cleanse your skin and keep it feeling smooth and soft. 

Close up of man's face

If you’re concerned about blemishes, try a face mask for clear skin instead of a scrub as these can sometimes aggravate the skin even more.  Oil Control Face Mask contains a blend of three natural clays- Kaolin, Cornish and Volcanus.

Now that you’ve found a face mask for glowing skin, don’t let the finer details let you down. The eyes are the windows to the soul so give on-lookers a treat by using our Age Defence Eye Roll-On. It will leave the skin around the eye looking brighter to match the rest of your face.

A Final Word

Just a one more thing to remember about spring cleaning.

Just like your home, your grooming stash needs a little clear out from time to time so do throw out any moisturisers or face washes that are past their expiry date.

Oil Control Bundle

Many products have a PAO (Period After Opening) symbol followed by an M and open jar icon on them. This tells you how many months you can use it after opening (E.g. 6M means 6 months after opening).

If it doesn’t have the above the rule of thumb is:

  • Cleansers: 1 year
  • Exfoliants: 1 year
  • Moisturisers: 1 year
  • Lip Balm: 1 year

Remember to store products in a dry drawer or cupboard, make sure the cap is tight on after using and if you have ever had an eye infection, throw out the product and get a new one to avoid re-infection.