Oil Be Back: Why Beard Oil Should Be Part of Your Routine

If you’ve got a beard or you’re growing one in for the new year, you need to have all the right tools at your disposal to make it look and feel its best. That means investing in some good quality products that are simple and straightforward to use.

Step forward the humble beard oil. But, what exactly is beard oil and why does you facial fuzz need it? Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about beard oil.

What does beard oil do?

Essentially, beard oil is for hydrating your beard to help soften and tame the thick, wiry hairs found in the beard. It acts as a way of conditioning the hair without drying it out, giving it a sleek, groomed look. It’s also aimed at taming flyaways to keep your style in line.

Beard oil

Using an oil can also help with beard dandruff, which is an extreme version of flaky, dry skin. We recommend using beard oil during early growth stages to help moisturise while the hair follicles become longer – this can help to minimise that pesky  itchy and flakey feeling we sometimes get at the early stages of beard growth

Why should I use beard oil?

Using a beard oil can really help improve the texture and softness of your beard, as well as helping to tame those hairs that just won’t stay put. It also helps to moisturise the hair follicles as well, meaning that you’re hydrated from root to tip. The best part of incorporating a beard oil into your grooming routine is that it’s so simple to use. 

How do you use beard oil?

Easy – just drop the desired amount into the palm of your hand then massage evenly into your beard and surrounding skin.

Happy man with beard

Do beard oils help growth?

Every man’s speed of hair growth is different and, unfortunately, there are no specific ingredients that will prompt your beard to grow more quickly.

What a beard oil will do, though, is increase the level of hydration in your skin and hair, which will create the right conditions for healthy beard growth.

Which beard oil is the best?

Well, we’re going to blow our own trumpets here and tell you that of course our Original Beard Oil is the best of the bunch. With a blend of carefully selected ingredients, including aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea (all of which are known for their moisturising properties), it’s a great defence for dry beards.

Our beard oil also contains a blend of eight essential oils that leave your beard smelling great as well – which is a good job seeing as it’s right under your nose. Improving the overall look, feel, and scent of your face’s most important feature is easy with Bulldog Skincare’s Original Beard Balm.