Waxing vs Shaving for Body Hair: A Guide to All-Over Hair Control

Manscaping has been on the rise in recent years. Male waxing and shaving is a whole new ball game for many men, who now realise that they don’t have to let it all grow out if they don’t want to! But should you shave or wax? Here’s our guide to all-over hair control.

What Are the Benefits of Waxing & Shaving Body Hair?

It might seem like a pain but waxing and shaving some of your body hair can have numerous benefits. Sporty men could find better performance and heightened comfort from streamlining their volume of body hair. However, it’s not just the physical aspects that can be appealing; it can improve things in an existential sense as well.

Very hairy men can lack confidence in situations where being shirtless is expected. Beach days, sunbathing, playing sports in hot weather – they can all become a moment of dread for men who are insecure about their body hair. However, you can change this!

You don’t normally question whether to shave or wax your face (the majority of men choose shave), but you can certainly choose whether shave or wax your chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and bum. When looking at waxing and shaving your body hair, you’ll find that each one has its pros and cons, and what works for one man may not work for another. Male waxing has seen a surge of popularity but there are certain aspects that mean it may not be the right method for you long term. Shaving can be seen as more effort but does have benefits of waxing insofar as cost and effectiveness are concerned.

Let’s take a deeper look at both:

Pros and Cons of Waxing & Shaving

Male Waxing


Gets rid of the hair at the follicle, meaning it takes longer than shaved hair to grow backCan be done by a beauty technician so you don’t have to be a contortionist to wax it allLeaves skin feeling smooth and hair free for up to 3 weeks


It hurts! You can ‘man up’ as much as you want, but the sting is very realIt can leave a rash, especially if you don’t wax regularly or have sensitive skinIt’s expensive; depending on how much you want done and how often, it could leave a bit of a dent in your wallet

Male Shaving


It’s a lot cheaper than waxing, you only to invest in a good razor and a few quality grooming productsIt can be easily incorporated into your routine – although you won’t need to do it every day, you know you’ll have the means to keep things tidy whenever you wantYou can do it yourself! If you can shave your face, you can probably shave your chest too


It is possible to get a shaving rash on newly-shaved skin which could be exacerbated by clothingShaving won’t last as long as waxing, as you are cutting the hair at the point it breeches the skin rather than deep into the follicleThere may be some areas you can’t quite reach yourself!

Whichever you prefer out of waxing and shaving, you need to know you have the right products supporting your skin.

Shaving Products Purpose Built for Men

Original Shave Gel

Original Shave Gel

Original Shave Gel

Original Shave Gel

Original Shave Gel

Original Shave Gel


Original Shave Oil

This transparent lubricating shave oil is perfect for a close shave, helping your razor glide smoothly across your skin for heightened comfort

How to Use:

1. Smooth a generous amount on damp skin

2. Smoothly shave the area

3. Follow with Original Aftershave Balm

Sensitive Shave Cream

Our fragrance-free shave cream is specially formulated for sensitive skin. This cream contains baobab oil, willow herb and oat oil to help keep skin healthy

How to Use:

1. Wet your skin with warm water

2. Massage Sensitive Shave Cream into the area

3. Shave smoothly with razor

Aftershave Balm

For soft, soothes and moisturised skin post-shave, use Bulldog’s Original Aftershave Balm, containing aloe vera and green tea

How to Use:

1. Apply to shaved area

2. Enjoy the soothing feeling

3. Use after every shave for maximum moisture

Choosing the Right Products for Waxing and Shaving

The skin that hides beneath your body hair is likely to be sensitive after your first shave or wax. Choosing products that work in harmony with male skin is integral to making waxing or shaving part of your grooming routine.

There are a number of elements that can cause irritation after shaving and waxing – your clothing rubbing against the skin, the feeling of hair beginning to grow back, or sweat and dirt that was previously caught up in your hair is now making its way into your skin. In any of these events, you need to devote yourself to products that reduce irritation and maximise moisture.

If you shave or wax your face without irritation, it may not necessarily mean your skin will react the same if you shave or wax your chest. Make sure you exercise damage control with a high-quality moisturiser and aftershave balm.

Bulldog Skincare’s products are specially formulated for the unique needs of male skin. From head to toe, our Original Range and Sensitive Range are perfect for encouraging a healthy skin regime, whether you decide to shave or wax.

So, which is better: shaving or waxing?

It all depends on you. Your lifestyle often dictates how deep your grooming regime goes, but we aim to take the stress out of male grooming by offering products that are simple to use and easy to include in your existing regime. Whether you choose to shave or wax, we can help you reduce skin irritation and maintain healthy skin – no matter where it is on the body!

How can I start shaving my body hair?

You should start by trimming the hair in the area you wish to shave. Long chest hair, for example, will get caught in your razor. Trim the whole area first and ensure you use a moisturising shave cream or shave gel to ensure a smooth gliding motion, thereby reducing the chance of nicks and cuts.

“Trim the whole area first and ensure you use a moisturising shave cream or shave gel to ensure a smooth gliding motion, thereby reducing the chance of nicks and cuts.”

When is the best time to start shaving my body hair?

We recommend shaving after a shower. The warm water will help to open pores and allow you better access to the hair follicle, meaning the skin will also be soft and ready to shave. Afterwards, you should see the hair grow back after a period of a week (depending on how quickly your hair tends to grow).