Which Beard Suits Your Hairstyle?

Your hair and shaving style is a way to communicate who you are to the world. It’s not just the clothes that make the man, but the overall look that you create with your facial beard style. So, finding the right combination of hair and beard is important.

We’ve previously discussed finding the right beard for your face shape, and here we will look at how to offset your facial beard style with a barnet that works with rather than against it. 

Top Facial Hair Styles for Short Hair

Whether you’ve got a short back and sides, side part pompadour or a buzzcut, a long beard is the perfect partner to short hairstyles.

The reason long beards work so well with these kind of looks is they offset one another without stealing focus. Some of our favourite short hair/long beard combos are:

Undercut and Bandholz

For example, an undercut mixed with a thick Bandholz beard creates a contemporary look that has edge and is therefore one of the most popular hair/beard combos. To get the look, you’ll need about two or three inches of hair on the top, and a contrasting buzzcut on the sides.

Bandholz beard

Depending on how dramatic you want your look to be, the sides can be as long or short as you like. With a Bandholz beard, we recommend having buzzed sides to create space between your hair and beard. This ensures you don’t look swamped by your hair and allows both your hair and shaving style to stand out on their own.

High Fade Combover & Groomed Beard

Men’s shaped beards can really enhance a haircut. For a suave and sophisticated look, opt for a high fade cut with a long fringe combed over to the side. This works particularly well with a well-groomed mid-length beard as it blends classically dapper with the sleek and modern.

Side profile of bearded man

Versatile and ready for anything, this style can go from the boardroom to the bar without needing much work. To keep your style fresh, remember to groom and trim your beard regularly so it stays neat and ensure the shaved side of your combover doesn’t grow out too far.

Top Facial Hair Styles for Medium Hair

Medium length hair can be anything from a messy bed-head look to a sleek and textured brushed back look. Medium length hair cuts suit a number of facial beard styles, from designer stubble to a full beard.

Here are a couple of combinations we think are eminently stylish and versatile:

Wild Hair & Designer Stubble

We love the casual edginess to this look. As seen on men like Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe and Prince Harry, the wild bed-head style and designer stubble gives a masculine, lived-in look whilst still being able to be dressed up on occasion.

Daniel Radcliffe

Maintaining this look is easy! Give you hair a little primping and set the messy style with gel, there’s no need to keep things structured with this style. Make sure you keep your stubble trimmed so it stays neat and invest in a good stubble moisturiser to reduce the risk of flaky skin.

Long Quiff with Tapered Sides & Full Beard

Another look that’s been seen on many male celebrities recently is the incredibly stylish long quiff look. With tapered sides and a lot of length on top, you can change up your style on a daily basis. Whether you want to keep the quiff structured on top, or let it fall in front, it will work with a full beard.

David Beckham

Zayn Malik and David Beckham have recently rocked this look, demonstrating how well it can work at any age. We recommend keeping your facial beard style close to the jawline so as not to overdo it and lose your features underneath the hair.

Top Facial Hair Styles for Long Hair

Long hair is uber fashionable at the moment, from Chris Hemsworth’s Viking-inspired look from Thor to Jason Momoa’s rugged wild style. Some people worry about teaming long hair with a beard, wondering if they might walk the fine line between looking stylish and looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter.

We’ve got some definite favourites, such as:

Long Curls with Chinstrap and Separated Moustache

Jon Snow may know nothing, but he looks bloody good! Since Kit Harington’s character burst onto the scene, the long loose curl with attached close-cut facial beard style has become a popular look.  With the length reaching just above the shoulder, this haircut is a chance for men who struggle to tame their locks to let everything go loose. Let your hair dry naturally so the waves stay defined.

Kit Harington

The facial beard style itself is a chinstrap which has been trimmed close, accentuating the jawline and framing the rest of the face. For the full Jon Snow look, you’ll need a moustache that almost reaches the chinstrap.

Very Long Straight Hair and Long Full Beard

Why do things by halves? Embrace the natural growth of your hair with like Jared Leto and opt for the full-on long hair, long beard look. You may think you look about ready to give life lessons from atop a mountain, but the look is incredibly fashionable, and you benefit from being able to utilise the myriad of cool up-dos like man buns and low ponytails.

Jared Leto

This look is slightly harder to maintain in spite of how easy it is to grow. Your beard needs to stay sleek and well-groomed to avoid the aforementioned Hagrid look, and both your facial hair and hair on top should be well conditioned and healthy.

Find Your Own Style

There’s so much room to experiment when it comes to your hair and shaving style, so don’t be afraid to try things out. The trick is to enhance your features with a hairstyle and beard that support the things that make you, you.