Managing Thick Hair: Three Tips for ‘Taming Your Mane.’

Taming thick hair can be tricky if you're not sure how to manage it. There are three proven habits you can adopt. Find out how to tame your mane, with these three top tips for managing thick hair.

It all starts with understanding - understanding the nature of thick hair. The density and the diameter of your hair strands, as determined by genetics, play a significant role in the thickness of your hair. Additionally, curly or frizzy hair takes up more space due to its twisted shape, making it appear thicker.

And, these hair types can often become dry and unruly, especially in humid conditions, leading to a voluminous appearance.

To manage thick hair effectively, consider adopting these three proven habits:

1. Limit Frequent Shampooing

Wash your hair less often (every other day). And when you do wash it, be sure to use a high-quality shampoo, such as our Original Shampoo.

The product is formulated with sustainably sourced chicory root. This natural ingredient, which is rich in insulin, works wonders for both your hair and scalp, providing essential protection and moisture. After using this shampoo, your hair will feel refreshed and revitalized, ensuring a flawless hair day.

2. Opt for Gentle Drying

Towel-drying with a microfiber towel will absorb excess water, without causing any frizz. 

It’s important to avoid vigorous blow-drying, as this can create unwanted volume. Letting your hair air-dry naturally will also help you to maintain its natural thickness.

3. Use the Right Styling Products and Tools

Also, try a styling creamThis will help you to manage your hair effectively whilst using fingers or a comb (avoid plastic brushes to prevent static electricity and excessive puffiness).


Our Original Styling Cream is crafted with 99% naturally sourced styling agents, creating a natural finish and medium hold. Designed for men, it features responsibly-sourced and fully traceable Shea butter, renowned for its moisturizing qualities. 

To Conclude:

In summary, controlling thick hair involves shampooing less frequently, using nourishing products, gentle drying techniques, and styling with the appropriate tools. Embrace these practices to manage your hair effectively.