How To Care For Your Curly Hair: Three Top Tips for Men.

Managing curly hair can at times be a challenge within itself. The key to keeping on top of it is proper care. Here are three essential top tips, to help you keep your curls in a great place.

Managing curly hair can be challenging at the best of times, but... with the right techniques, you can make your life easier, AND you can make it look great, too. The key to great curly hair is proper care! Also, contrary to what you might have read, frequently hair straightening with heat can damage the hair over time.

So… put away those straighteners, and embrace your natural texture, instead.

Hands-on Styling

Avoid using narrow teeth combs on curly hair, as they can make your curls look messy. Also, they can damage your hair follicles, too. Not good. 

Instead, use your hands to style your curls, or a wide tooth comb. This allows for easier shaping, and it'll allow for a more ‘uniform’ look, as well.

Choose the Right Products:

Selecting the right styling products is crucial for achieving great curls.

For short curls that you'd like to emphasize and add shine to, consider using an Original Styling Pomade. This'll provide you with hold, without making your hair stiff.


Our Original Styling Pomade is crafted with a blend of 100% natural styling agents, such as candelilla and carnauba wax, to allow for a strong and secure hold. Another key component is ethically sourced and fully traceable argan oil, which creates a natural shine. It can tame even the most rebellious hair, leaving it smooth.


Shampoo Sparingly

Curly hair tends to dry out faster, so it's important to avoid frequent shampooing, which can strip away the natural oils your hair needs. Reduce the number of times you shampoo each week, to allow your hair to maintain its natural shine and health. 

Consider choosing a Sensitive Shampoo to keep it hydrated. Our Sensitive Shampoo features the Fuji apple extract, which is a sustainable ingredient that is best-known for its scalp-soothing properties. 

The formulation includes mild, natural cleansers to ensure that your hair is left clean and soft, whilst also catering to your sensitive scalp. Infused with a delightful scent of buchu leaf that is complemented by hints of vanilla, the shampoo provides a refreshing, gentle cleanse.

To Conclude

With these three simple tips and the right products, you can easily manage and style your curly hair to perfection. Taking care of your curls doesn't have to be complicated. Come prepared with the right products, and a little TLC, and you'll have great-looking curly hair.