How to Achieve the Perfect Beard Fade

When it comes to beard care, style counts for a lot. There’s a fine hairy line between fashionable facial hair and Stig of the Dump, and often it’s all about the fade. Seamlessly bringing together your sideburns, beard, and hair will create a modern look that suits all sorts of styles.

However, fading your beard isn’t always an easy task. It requires some serious precision and dedication, which is why we’ve put together this guide on how to style a beard with a fade.

So, where do you start?

What You’ll Need:

Start by Trimming Your Beard

Getting the perfect fade starts with getting your existing beard in shape. If you’re used to having a beard, then you know that beard care and grooming is an important part of getting your look right. So, before you attempt the fade, give your beard a good trim and thin it out.

Start with the bottom of your beard beard, aiming for everything below your Adam’s apple because that’s where your fade will start. Then, trim the hair from your Adam’s apple to your neckline – you’ll need a lower setting than normal for this part.

Tidy Up Any Stragglers & Trim That ‘Tache

We recommend finishing off the tidying up with your beard trimmer on a one or two setting. Get rid of any stragglers from the Adam’s apple area and also any thin hair that sits on or around your cheeks. To get rid of any leftover cheek hair, remove the guard on your beard trimmer aim for anything that sits outside the main shape of your beard.

No tidy up is complete without giving your upper lip a bit of love. You can use a razor or beard trimmer on a one or two setting to get rid of any hairs hanging over the lip line. This gives you the perfect canvas for starting your beard fade.

Side profile of bearded man

The Fade Begins

Step 1: Trim the long part of your beard that sits at the jawline.  

Set your beard trimmer to a lower setting, usually a two or three, and trim where your hair is longest, i.e., the hair that hangs over the line of your jaw

Man having beard trimmed

Step 2: Shorten the trimmer and move up a bit.

Move up about an inch and shorten the beard trimmer setting. The idea is to go from long to short starting at the bottom and moving up, so with each inch upwards, your trimmer setting gets shorter.

Beard being faded

Step 3: Keep up the pattern as you move up.

Continue shortening the trimmer and taking an inch step upwards. Once the beard meets your hair, you should have a stylish faded effect.

Faded beard

Maintaining the Look

Of course, this is just one way to fade your beard. If you have a long, full beard but just want to fade the top that’s fine, just leave the hair underneath your chin. If you’re wondering what you would look like with a beard fade, why not give it a try? If you’re not sure you can do it on your own, you can always start at the barber so you have a good jumping off point, then maintain the fade yourself at home.

We suggest keeping your facial hair in check with a good quality beard oil, maintaining smooth hairs so your whole beard is easier to care for. Learn how to soften beard hair with a shampoo that has been specially designed for beards, as well as a beard balm which can keep both the hair and skin underneath feeling soft and hydrated.