What's Making Your Skin So Dry?

Are you Dehydrated?

Sometimes your skin isn’t actually dry but just a bit thirsty. Instead of googling men’s facial products for dry skin, figure out if you just need to give it a bit more TLC first.

Oily skin can be dehydrated (yep, it’s true) when the upper layer of the skin isn’t moisturised enough. The causes of this are somewhat exhaustive but the most common causes, and therefore where you should start, could be; air conditioning, central heating and even an excessive lifestyle of alcohol and smoking. Some of us can feel dehydrated when we’re not using the correct moisturiser for our skin type or lifestyle.

Man drinking water

Firstly, drink enough water and make sure you are incorporating lots of delicious fruits and vegetables in your diet to make sure your body as a whole is hydrated. If you still feel that your skin looks quite dull and drab, then look for an extra daily injection of moisture rather than a one-off dry skin treatment for men.

By using a serum loaded with skin replenishing ingredients under your moisturiser, you will give the upper layer of your skin an extra boost of hydration.

We also recommend you make sure you cleanse properly daily (that’s morning and night) so that your skin can absorb treatments like serums and moisturisers efficiently. Just imagine trying to do this when there’s a layer of grease and city pollution over it. It ain’t going to happen.

Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair is one of the main culprits of dry skin in men.  Both shaving and beard growing can dry out the skin which lots of men don’t realise. Not using a proper shaving lubricant can dry skin out as well as not treating your skin properly post-shave. Growing a beard can wick away moisture from the skin surface as your har grows. Don’t worry though, fixing these are amongst the easiest dry skin remedies around.

How you prepare for your shave might be playing a big role in why you have dry skin. Before you shave, cleanse with a face scrub to remove any excess dead skin and then apply a shaving cream to act as a hydrating cushion between the razor blade and your skin. Creams tend to be the best option for men looking for a dry skin treatment as lots of them are packed with glycerin. Glycerin is a natural emollient and helps improves skin smoothness and moisture. 

Man touching clean shaven face

After you have finished shaving, remove any residue with warm water, pat your skin dry and then apply an after-shave balm to re-hydrate the skin pot shave.

If you are sporting facial hair, you might notice slight beard dandruff (AKA beardruff) and itchiness. Make sure you wash and condition the beard to remove dead skin cells on a regular basis and soften the facial hair itself then apply a beard oil every day (as you would apply a moisturiser).


Winter can be wonderful! Christmas, crisp walks amongst Autumn leaves and of course the cosy fires but, bear in mind, your skin doesn’t enjoy the winter as much as you might. Skin gets dry because the wind and cold weather can irritate it. Even in the summer, air conditioning can do the same thing. Lack of humidity in the air causes your skin to lose moisture. You need to take tough measures on your skin when temperatures hit extremes.

Cool air, low humidity and the combination of central heating and going back in to the cold wreaks havoc with your skin barrier. This can result in skin sensitivities, redness and flakiness. You need a heavy-duty cream to pump some moisture back in but not one that feels like you’re smearing lard on to your skin!

Man in winter clothes

Our Original 24hr Moisturiser is exactly what you need. Hydrating yet fast absorbing. It’s the ultimate dry skin treatment for men. Specially formulated to help relieve dry skin and deliver 24hr moisturisation, it will leave your skin feeling firm, smooth and nourished. Use morning and night after cleansing.

If you still find that your skin feels dry once you’ve incorporated a thicker moisturiser in to your routine, then we recommend a fragrance-free gentle face wash. Switching a cleanser in the winter months is wise when your skin feels tight and flaky. Our Sensitive Face Wash is non-drying and contains baobab oil, oat oil and willow herb.