The Magic of a Face Wash for Oily Skin

You may think that you need to use an industrial strength cleanser as a face wash for oily skin or that a cream will add too much moisture to your face, leaving those with oily skin feeling even worse about their shine and perplexed where to head for help. However the opposite is actually true, it’s all about using the right products, and they really could make all the difference.

What Causes an Oily Face?

Unfortunately, you can never guarantee that your mate’s favourite skin cream will work the same for you. Everyone’s different. There are many options out there for oily skin treatment so there’s no need to suffer in silence. But what are the actual causes of oily skin and how can you combat them with an upgraded skincare regime?

The skin produces natural oils to help keep itself soft, but sometimes we produce way too much sebum which causes a whole host of skin issues, from acne to that oh-so-lovely shine you try so hard to get rid of.

So what’s the deal? Why do you have an oily face, but your mates don’t? It all comes down to lifestyle choices, hormones and, yup you guessed it, genetics. Two out of those three are beyond your control… But while you can’t change your genes you can help alleviate the effects.  An increase in the levels of male hormone androgen happens when your sebaceous glands have matured. So, the more androgen you’ve got, the more sebum gets to the pores and if that sebum gets trapped then hey presto, you’ve got an oily face.

Combine oil with dead skin and you’ve got a breeding ground for bacteria, which can then lead to blackheads and other blemishes. So, what’s the magical answer? Well, sadly there’s no silver bullet (that’s for werewolves, not skincare) but the best place to start is by choosing a face wash for oily skin that’s been specially formulated to help.

How Should You Treat Oily Skin?

A simple enough answer for treating oily skin is to choose products that are designed for that specific skin type. Androgen is a male hormone and although it is present in both men and women, there’s more of it running through the male body. This has a big effect on many elements of your skin, from thickness to collagen density and, of course, the amount of oil it produces.

After puberty, a man’s skin produces greater levels of sebum than women, which is why men often have longer-lasting acne as opposed to the fairer sex. In fact, if oily skin continues to be an sebum without stripping away the oils your face actually needs. For example, witch hazel is an astringent that is widely-used to help combat inflammation, with properties that can alleviate the causes of oily skin.

How can you go about choosing the right face cream for oily skin? Well, think about your current skincare regime and where you may be falling short. There will definitely be something out there that fits into your lifestyle. If you’re struggling with an oily face but you’re using dozens of lotions and potions that sounded great on the advert but aren’t actually working, then stop! Give your skin a welcome break and then you can see where that oily skin is really coming from.

Going back to basics with a good cleanser and moisturiser combo could be the 1 – 2 that you skin needs.


What Steps Can You Take to Get a Less Oily Face?

Your Diet

Your diet and general lifestyle can have a big effect on the amount of oil your skin produces. Greasy foods, whilst often delicious, are not good for your skin. Even having too much dairy can increase levels of male hormones in your body which leads to those dreaded blocked pores.

Healthy fruits and vegetables

Your Environment

Moreover, if you’re in and out of tubes and buses in busy city centres, you probably come across smog and pollution which leaves its mark on your skin throughout the day. That’s why its so important to clean your face every morning and evening, using a face wash for oily skin. You can also give your skin (and the rest of your body) a helping hand by keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day, so your skin doesn’t need to compensate!

Busy train station in rush hour

Your Bedroom

Another thing that could have an impact is your bed linen. If you don’t change your bed sheets frequently enough, you could be laying in a hot bed of bacteria and excess oils, so even though putting a duvet cover on your duvet is akin to cave-diving sometimes, it’s pretty important to keep up with the clean laundry. Choose bedsheets made from natural fibres as these will absorb the excess oils rather than leave them sitting on the surface ready to rub back up against your face.

Unmade bed

Your Moisturiser

Also, it might seem counter-intuitive to use a moisturiser when your skin already has too much sebum, but using a face cream for oily skin as opposed to one made for normal skin can help hydration while providing a mattified finish.

Oil Control Moisturiser

So, if your face is leaving you feeling fed up and you want to embrace better skin start working with your skin rather than against it by choosing a simple regime of face wash, twice a day – morning and evening, followed by a light but hydrating moisturiser. By going back to basics and using proper products designed for the treatment of oily skin and see the difference after a few weeks.