The Benefits of Moisturising

Just over half of men in the UK don’t moisture daily! With so many advantages, can your skin really afford not to stay hydrated? Finding the right moisturiser is like finding the right pair of jeans. There’s no one size fits all so, identify your skin type and then match it to one of our moisturisers.

After a stat? Just over half of men in the UK don’t moisturise daily (Mintel 2016). This is scary (and no we’re not just saying this because we sell moisturisers)! Not moisturising can cause a wealth of skin issues such as dullness, dryness, premature skin ageing, blemishes, itchiness… need we go on? Please do not believe in myths that tell you moisturisers make your skin “lazy” (yes, apparently that’s a thing) and read our guide to select the right skin moisturiser for men and the benefits your face will reap.

Oily Skin

Oily skin can manifest itself through shine, enlarged pores and can sometimes cause blemishes. It’s a common trait in men as testosterone triggers sebaceous glands to produce more oil. A widespread misconception is that this type of skin does not require moisture. This is untrue. Even though it seems counter-intuitive, oily skin needs a moisturiser. If you skip it, your skin will dry out and rebound with more oil production. So, rest your overworked sebaceous glands and use an oil control moisturiser for men to hydrate your skin. 

Oil Control Moisturiser

Oil Control Moisturiser has been specially formulated to provide oily skin with lightweight hydration whilst giving a mattified finish.

Sensitive Skin

If you’re prone to irritation, redness, dryness or blemishes it’s likely that you have sensitive skin, so you should try keeping away from moisturisers with fragrances. You need a soothing formula which will moisturise the skin even when it is at its most sensitive state (normally post-shave).

Sensitive Moisturiser

Sensitive Moisturiser is fragrance free and will soften and refresh the skin. It boasts baobab, oat and willow herb.

Dry Skin

You’ll know you have dry skin if it feels tight after washing, it also could flake and feel itchy. A lot of us experience dry skin in the winter. You need a thick but also fast absorbing moisturiser to hydrate your skin all day.

Original 24 Hour Moisturiser

Original 24hr Moisturiser has been developed to relieve dry skin and will leave your mug looking smooth and feeling firm.

Normal Skin

Yep, it’s a blessing to have this skin type. It rarely flakes and shines and has an even tone. You’re probably feeling smug and think that you don’t need a moisturiser now. Don’t even think about it. To keep your skin in top condition you still need to moisturise so that it remains healthy and hydrated.

Original Moisturiser

Original Moisturiser is everything you need. It’s super moisturising but still fast absorbing and will keep you looking fresh. It contains aloe vera, green tea and camelina oil. It’s also a good moisturiser for combination skin in men (if you have oily and dry patches at the same time).

Now that you know why you should moisturise, grab one of our hero formulas for less than a tenner!