Our Top Bulldog Skincare Gift Sets For Christmas

Whether it’s beard care, hair care, skincare, self care, grooming, sensitive skin, or scent and fragrance, enjoy a 30% discount on ALL our Christmas gift sets.

The Original Ultimate Beard Care Kit

Christmas is an opportunity for the men in your life to sport their best woolly jumper and their best beard(s) yet, especially in front of a friends-and-family audience. We’re great believers that during the festive season, men should receive gifts that are tailored to them!


That’s why this year, we’re proud to launch The Original Ultimate Beard Care Kit, which is a purpose-built gift set for men with beards, who desire a little self-care in 2023 and beyond. 


So whether you're a mother, a partner, an aunt, a sister, or a friend, you can be confident knowing that a Bulldog Original Ultimate Beard Care Kit won’t go unnoticed. This kit is a comprehensive gift set, with everything a beard enthusiast could ever wish for. 


It includes an Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (200ml) for refreshing and cleansing, an Original Beard Oil (30ml) which softens and tames, an Original Beard Balm (75ml) which conditions and moisturises, a beard brush, and a beard comb.


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The Original Skincare Duo

Turn that New Years’ skincare resolution into a reality, with The Original Skincare Duo, which comes fully-equipped with our Original Moisturiser (100ml), and our Original Face Wash (150ml).


This classic and popular duo is certain to be well-received by men far-and-wide.


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The Lemon & Bergamot Shower Gel and Moisturiser Duo Gift Set

If scent is important, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get 30% off our Lemon & Bergamot Shower Gel and Moisturiser Duo Gift Set, which includes a consciously-crafted Lemon & Bergamot Shower Gel (500ml), and a CarbonNeutral® certified Original Moisturiser (100ml). Easy peasy.


Smell good this Christmas.

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The Original Morning Routine

Early riser? If so, this one's for you. Kickstart your day in style, the Bulldog Skincare way.


Our Original Morning Routine gift-set is for those who want to maintain a well-groomed appearance from head to toe, in a highly convenient way. This smart little set includes a Bulldog Original Shower Gel (500ml), a Bulldog Original Roll-On Deodorant (75ml), a Bulldog Original Shampoo (300ml), and a Bulldog Original Moisturiser (100ml). Job done.

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Original Grooming Kit

It’s groom-it-galore, with the Bulldog Skincare ‘Original Grooming Kit’ for men.


Men can easily maintain a full-body groomed appearance, with an Original Shower Gel (500ml), a non-stripping Original Face Wash (150ml), and the award-winning Original Moisturiser (100ml).


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Original Hair Styling Trio Gift Set

If three is his lucky number, treat him this Christmas, with an Original Hair Styling Trio Gift Set.


This gift set is all about maintaining the best hair style(s), and looking good in the new year. It includes an Original Shampoo (300ml), the Original Hair Styling Pomade (75g), and a custom-made wooden hair styling comb. Lovely jubbs.


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Expert Shave Trio Gift Set

And last but not least, it’s time to face the music: some people just weren’t made for beards. 


With that in mind, if you're in search of a professional shaving experience, your solution is here. The Expert Shave Trio Giftset includes our Original Bamboo Razor, Original Shave Gel (175ml), and our CarbonNeutral® certified Original Moisturiser (100ml).


Shave it off in style.



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So whether it’s beard care, hair care, skincare, self-care, grooming, sensitive skin, scent and fragrance, or early mornings, whatever the need, we’ve got you covered this Christmas.


Enjoy seasonal savings on ALL our Christmas gift sets.


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