Men’s Skincare Practices Around the World

Imagine this: a Viking warrior with a flawless complexion, or a Moroccan nomad with skin that defies the desert sun… Believe it or not, men’s skincare traditions extend far beyond the drugstore aisle. In this article, we explore skincare practices from across the globe and how different cultures have mastered the art of healthy skin.

Ever wondered how guys around the world keep their skin healthy? From Morocco's famous argan oil and India's symbolic turmeric to Scandinavian saunas and Japan’s marine algae, find out how you can incorporate different skincare ingredients and practices into your daily routine. The results speak for themselves.

The Power of Moroccan Argan Oil

In the heart of Morocco, both men and women have turned to the golden liquid of argan oil for generations, not just for nourishing their hair but also their skin. It's got moisturising properties as well as a high content of vitamin E and fatty acids, protecting the skin against free radicals and promoting healing.

Non-Skincare Practices: Moroccans have a robust tradition of regular hammam visits, often weekly, where they indulge in a full-body cleansing regimen, followed by the application of argan oil-enriched balms to seal in the moisture.

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Turmeric for Skin that Thrives

A spice that colours the Indian subcontinent's cuisine, turmeric does wonders for the skin. Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties have led to its extensive use in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for treating various skin conditions. In India, people use turmeric daily in the form of scrubs and face masks to combat acne, reduce pigmentation, and soothe the skin.

Non-Skincare Practices: Besides skincare, turmeric is a staple in Indian pre-wedding rituals called haldi, where it's applied to the bride and groom's skin for the ceremonial purification, highlighting its cultural importance as a symbol of purity and prosperity.

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The Nordic Chill

In the icy realms of Scandinavia, saunas are the symbol of a place to unwind and also a real sanctuary for the skin. Regular sauna sessions are part of Nordic men's self-care routine, not just for socialising and relaxation, but for keeping the skin healthy. The combination of high heat followed by cooling aids in the body's natural detoxification, improves circulation, and boosts the immune system - resulting in clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Non-Skincare Practices: The sauna is deeply ingrained in Scandinavian culture, often followed by a jump into an icy lake or roll in the snow—what locals in Finland call avantouinti—which is believed to have invigorating and skin-tightening effects.

Two-Step Skin Cleansing in Korea

Koreans have turned skincare into an art form, and the double cleansing method is at the core of their meticulous routines. This involves first removing oil-based impurities like sebum and sunscreen with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based product to wash away any residue. 

If you don’t have two different cleansers, simply washing your face twice with your favourite product should do the trick just as well. This results in thoroughly cleansed skin, free from acne-causing pollutants.

Non-Skincare Practices: Korean skincare and diet have influenced self-care practices in the West, but they’re also deeply rooted in traditional Korean medicine and natural ingredients, with a focus on achieving and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle overall.

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Japan’s Seaweed in Skincare

Japanese people have long recognised the benefits of marine algae and seaweed in their skincare regimens. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, seaweeds like nori, wakame, and kombu protect the skin from environmental stressors and provide anti-aging benefits. The high levels of iodine and magnesium can also help to heal and soothe problematic skin.

Non-Skincare Practices: Japanese culture is steeped in rituals, and the appreciation of nature’s healing properties goes beyond just skincare, extending to cuisine, where seaweed is a staple for its numerous health benefits.

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West Africa’s Nourishing Shea Butter

Hailing from West Africa, shea butter is not only a man's best friend for maintaining a soft beard but also for keeping the skin supple. Extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, this rich emollient is packed with fatty acids and vitamins, making it an excellent moisturiser and smoother of fine lines and wrinkles.

Non-Skincare Practices: Shea butter is integral to the culture of the Akan people of Ghana, who use it in their cooking, hair care, and as a wedding and funeral oil.

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Having Healthy Skin is a Universal Practice

It's clear that having healthy skin is not a practice restricted to the West, but a universal one, and the examples above show just how much culture, tradition, and geography influence the products we see on drugstore shelves.

We believe it's important to acknowledge the heritage behind different ingredients and regimens, reminding us that skincare is an age-old tradition continually evolving and adapting all around the world.

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