A Beginner’s Guide to Simple Skincare

Looking to upgrade your skincare but not sure where to start? If you’ve been using the same old products for years, there might be something out there that’s better for your skin and lifestyle. Let’s dive into the world of male skincare and grooming and define the key products you’ll need to help step things up.


What does male grooming mean?

Male grooming is defined as self-care for men. It can refer to a whole range of elements, from fashion and style to skincare. Whether you’re styling a beard, choosing the right outfit, carefully training your tresses, or sticking a bit of moisturiser on in the morning, you’re doing something towards male grooming every day.

At Bulldog Skincare, we focus on giving men the best skincare products using a mixture of nature and science to create ranges to suit every skin type. Male grooming can be easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable.

What facial products should men use?

We’ve recently put together a guide for setting up a skincare routine, so you can learn more detail about how every product complements the next in this blog. For a simple skincare routine, hydration is the key. We recommend using a range of products, from a simple moisturiser to a deep cleansing scrub, as each one helps a different aspect of your skin.

Men’s skin has unique differences from women’s skin and you therefore need to choose products that are designed specifically for men. Male skincare has shot up in popularity over the past couple of decades, which means the shops are full of potential options for men looking to give themselves a bit of TLC. 

Young man with clear skin

Are Bulldog products natural?

We’re at the top of our game at Bulldog Skincare, and we’ve worked hard to bring together the very best of nature and science to create products that are kind to skin. We’ve harnessed the power of a number of natural ingredients (both in our products and for our eco-friendly packaging) as well as some seriously technical skincare science, so you can be confident that your skin is getting the best of the best. 

When it comes to nature, we’re trying harder than ever to make all our packaging eco-friendly. Whether it’s recyclable sugarcane or reclaimed beer bottles, you can enjoy guilt-free self care every single day. 

What are the best men’s skincare products?

The best men’s skincare products need to be designed for the unique needs male skin face. Most men shave and with that comes shaving rash, irritation, and potentially dry or sensitive skin. Even more hirsute men need to make sure they’re keeping on top of their skincare – just because there’s a beard covering the bottom half of your face, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep the skin underneath looking and feeling healthy.

Whatever your style or grooming technique, we’ve got products to help you put your best face forward no matter how much effort you want to put in.  

Energising Face Wash

What beauty products should men use?

Beauty products don’t have to just be for women. Men may consider the idea of ‘beauty’ to be a more feminine concept, but the fact is that men deserve luxury as well. We’ve got a few great products designed for just that purpose. 

Try our Energising Sheet Mask once a week for ten minutes of TLC; it’s designed to revitalise the skin and give you some much needed nourishment. Similarly, we’ve got an Oil Control Face Mask for men who struggle with oily skin. It’s designed to give your skin the moisture it needs without weighing you down or leaving any sticky residue. 

Don’t forget the eyes and lips too! Our Age Defence Eye Roll-On is perfect for mature skin around the eyes, and our Original Lip Balm will help reduce dryness, which is particularly handy as the weather gets colder.


Basically, we’re saying you deserve to feel good and look good, and we’ve got everything you need to achieve healthier looking skin.